We are specialized in both buildings and heavy industry electrical design tasks. Through our offices in Helsinki and Tampere, we work both in Finland and international markets.

Our mission is to identify our customers needs and carry out their wishes in the electrical design. With a strong knowledge and solid experience gained through a half century, we design reliable environments. Our goal is to provide reliable solutions to our customers.

Company History

1957 M.Sc. (Tech.) Veikko Vahvaselkä founded an office to provide electricity supply expertise services for paper machine and industry needs.
1960 The electrical design of buildings started in Finland.
1961 Operations expanded abroad. The design of industrial process of electrification and distribution started abroad.
1971 Electrical design of the buildings started abroad.
1986 M.Sc. (Tech.) Veikko Vahvaselkä became retired entrepreneur and Rauno Nyblom was appinted as the CEO
1989 Regional Office was established in Tampere, Finland.
1994 The first export in HVAC design conducted.
1996 A Planning Director was hired for the HVAC Department.
2002 HVAC Department split into its own company.
2010 CEO Rauno Nyblom moved to specialized designer’s asignments and Teuvo Viitamaki was appointed as the new CEO.